Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smith Farm Sign Board

This photo was taken at the Orono Farmer's Market in Orono, Maine. The vendor for Smith Farm is seen here writing the sign board for his booth that sells vegetables farmed with horse-drawn equipment.

So what modern equipment can you NOT live without?


Alexa said...

Nice photo (it would work for a "Shadow Shot Sunday" picture too). Did you buy anything from these folks with the small carbon footprint?
As for your question, guess I COULD live w/o all of it if I absolutely had to, but I would not be a happy camper without my computer and my camera.

Jilly said...

Nice shot. I love the Farmer's Market idea in America.

I couldn't live without my computer - ah,forgot the camera...! That's two things then.

Anonymous said...

Cool shot. He has a lot to write on the board.

Can't live without my t.v., ipod, computer...

Paz ;-)

marley said...

I don't know where I'd be without my horse and cart! lol!

Seriously though, good for him doing it the old fashioned way.

Bob Crowe said...

Ah, but he won't be sitting there on the sidewalk in six months, will he?

Jacob said...

Are the veggies better because they are farmed with horse-drawn equipment? Or is this a statement about how good it is not to use air polluting gasoline/diesel engines?

This is an excellent photo!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh-return to a simpler form of life, heh? Love the shot.

Could not live without camera and computer.


tapirgal said...

Cool photo, Ming. A touch of the past. I like the feet at the top of the picture, too.

teahouse said...

I couldn't live without my microwave!!

Sassy said...

Do not want to live without my camera, internet and washing machine ;-) But could if I had to.

Anonymous said...

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