Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skater Waiting His Turn

The tiny ice skating rink in a small park on Broad Street in downtown Bangor attracts quite a number of young and older skaters alike. This gentleman with his skates slung over his shoulder is waiting his turn on the ice.


Chuck Pefley said...

I've been watching the east coast weather and it looks like you might be spared the brunt of this blast. Probably a good thing from the look of how much snow you already have on the ground.

So, have you tried ice skating yet?

Ming the Merciless said...

Nope, haven't learned to skate yet. Was supposed to start A 4-week ski lesson yesterday but had a work-related commitment so have to postpone it till later.

Hilda said...

Now that's something I'd like to try one of these days. It's just the thought of falling on cold ice and getting soaked that's been stopping me.

Good luck with the skiing lessons!

Alexa said...

Hey, you live in Maine—skiing and skating are part of your life now, my friend! Actually, I'm just looking forward to reports of you attempting these sports and landing (as I would, immediately) on your butt. Or not—maybe you'll surprise me. As for the big snow, looks like it stopped at DC.