Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penobscot Theater

This is the entrance to the Penobscot Theater in downtown Bangor where I saw the play, Steel Magnolias last weekend.

The weather here has turned cold here in Maine and the heater is automatically on at night. So what is the weather like in your city?


Chuck Pefley said...

Still enjoying mostly summer like weather here, Ming. Not unusual, though I suspect it won't last too much longer. You'll be having frost one of these days soon I think. Make sure you know where your hat, mittens and wool socks are when that day arrives -:)

Alexa said...

Nice photo, Ming. Back here in your old stomping grounds the weather is absolutely "gaw-jush" (as we say in nyc)!

L.Shaw said...

Summer past us by, even in the city. We're upstate and it's 38 degrees here this morning.

Alexa said...

Oops—make that "gaw-juss". Maybe I was drunk when I wrote that! ;~}

marley said...

It looks so warm and inviting.

We have just had a lovely warm (almost hot!) weekend but the nights are drawing in fast and they are getting cooler. You can really sense a change in season coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi still very warm...even the pool water is suitable for swimming. Looking forward to cooler weather perhaps around November.... can't wait!
Dee Dee in Florida

Anonymous said...

Really hot; heat wave this week and maybe some winds. Over 100 in the valley today and more for tomorrow. Please let summer end today and fall bring cooler weather.


tapirgal said...

It's supposed to be 88 degrees here in "temperate" Astoria, Oregon. I'd prefer your weather at the moment, but I don't know about how it will be there in a few months when we're still wearing sandals and sweatshirts. Very cool photo, Ming.

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